Breaking The Law

Sometimes I look back on my long drinking career at the milestones that were arrests for drunk driving. So easily I could have killed people on those occasions. I could have killed myself. Maybe there were times I was trying to. My drunken choices had me on a course of self destruction. For a little … Continue reading Breaking The Law


The Past And The Present

Back in September I wrote about my being adopted and shared something that my birth-mother had written about her alcoholism. It had required some explaining before I shared the poem she had written. Part of that setup I'll repeat here.... I was given up for adoption at birth by parents who were unmarried and alcoholic. … Continue reading The Past And The Present

Balloon Ride

This morning I heard a woman at the podium tell of her journey from an alcoholic bottom into the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous. An older woman with over thirty years of sobriety, she was funny and candid and radiated joy throughout her story. She had a great message for me today. She talked about how … Continue reading Balloon Ride