A Lack of Trust

It happened a few Fridays ago. I was getting really irritated with my job. People that I work with were getting on my last nerve. Big time. Wanna-be thugs from the hood. Showing up late. Not in uniform. Bitching about everything. Being lazy. Talking shit. Being assholes. I found myself starting to hate a little. … Continue reading A Lack of Trust


Freedom and Independence

On this Independence Day I am very grateful. I celebrated my freedom from alcohol. I went to two meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous this morning. Then I went to an AA Fourth of July cookout where I ate just a little more than I intended. There was sunshine, laughter, and fellowship with the sober drunks. Those … Continue reading Freedom and Independence

Balloon Ride

This morning I heard a woman at the podium tell of her journey from an alcoholic bottom into the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous. An older woman with over thirty years of sobriety, she was funny and candid and radiated joy throughout her story. She had a great message for me today. She talked about how … Continue reading Balloon Ride